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The Science of Clean Water

05-Oct-2020 Comments NuWaterConsult

A Simple Molecule It has no taste, no smell, no real color of its own (except when diffusing light). It seems like the least substantial thing next to ...

What To Do about Dry Skin

18-Sep-2020 Comments nuwater_admin

dry skin solutions

It’s totally normal for your skin to feel like the plains of the Sahara Desert. Right? As the temperature and seasons change our skin has a tendency ...

The Reason Hard Water Gets a Bad Rap

04-Sep-2020 Comments nuwater_admin

hard water

Hard water is a concentration of inorganic minerals (mostly calcium and magnesium) in water. The hard thing about hard water is what it does to your h ...

4 Ways Soft Water Saves You Money

21-Aug-2020 Comments nuwater_admin


Soft water can make your family’s life better in many ways. Your water will taste better. You will enjoy a host of health benefits, including softer ...

Should You Choose a Salt or Salt-Free Water Softener?

07-Aug-2020 Comments nuwater_admin


If you’re researching water softeners, you have probably discovered both salt-based and salt-free (or saltless) systems. And, if so, you may be hear ...

The Top 5 Health Benefits of Soft Water

25-Jul-2020 Comments nuwater_admin


Good water is good for your health – and soft water is really good water! Unfortunately, an overabundance of minerals can cause a variety of problem ...