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  • equipment for water quality tests

    Water Quality Testing

    Water quality testing answers questions. Why is my water cloudy? Why doesn’t m...

  • using nuwater technologies water filtration systems improves water quality for your draper utah home

    Water Filtration

    Pure, clean, crisp water. What if you could turn on the tap and fill a glass wit...

  • nuwater technologies water softener system

    Water Softeners

    Water softeners make laundry brighter, dishes cleaner and your hair look like yo...

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    Water Purification Systems

    Water purification systems are designed to remove unpleasant, unhealthy and unwa...

Utah’s Water Purification Experts

The NuWater Difference

NuWater Technologies has your best interests in mind. Sparkling clear, fresh, beautiful water makes your life beautiful. Not only does our team care about the quality of your water, we care about the quality of your life. We’ve studied what other water softener and filtration companies provide, and we’ve seen both the good and the bad. NuWater Technologies is committed to taking the best and making it better, establishing a standard of excellence in home-water system performance that’s unprecedented, using technology to create the best water possible for you.

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using nuwater technologies water filters improves water quality for your draper utah home
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What Our Customers
are Saying
David WDavid W
Awesome. Professional, on time and below the cost of competitors with a superior product. Love this company!
Michael DMichael D
Our son had horrible skin problems from the water here... the softener has made a huge change! Great professionals. Honest. And it surprisingly uses little salt. I highly recommend them!
David BDavid B
Awesome customer service! It was a real eye opener for how bad our water actually was! Definitely will get one when I get a home!
Deidre RDeidre R
These guys are fantastic, just like their water systems.Something not commonly known is that the head of the company, Steve, personally comes and installs. Not only did he not complain once about spending six hours in my home installing (it’s a really old house and needed special measures taken), but ...
Scott FScott F
These guys are fantastic. If you are looking for the best water treatment system at the best price and most honest company, call this company!
Laura DLaura D
We got this system when my son was four months old and I'm not going to lie, the day we got it installed I took the first 30 minute shower I can remember in a very long time! I always thought "soft" was a figure of speech, but the only ...
Preston TPreston T
The system I had installed by these guys is FANTASTIC! Unlike any other. They set you up for not only now but the future in case your family grows and more water is used. The customer service I got from Rod and the whole gang was next to none. HIGHLY ...